10 Things About Me

So I decided that this first month of blogging I wanted everyone to get to know me a little bit better. Get to know the blogger behind the blog, essentially. So this post is kind of a start to that as I tell you all 10 things about me that you may or may not have known. So here we go:

New Year's Resolution

This last year was a year of learning and growing. It was a year about learning how to be independent, how to achieve goals, what those goal were, and who I wanted to be as a person. It was a big year in 2017 of ups and downs in this learning experience. But from all of that learning, and all of the travel, and all of the adventures I went on, it allowed me to know what I wanted to come out of 2018 and what New Year's resolution I wanted to set this year.

New Year, New Dedication

Well it's officially been a year since I began blogging, between this blog and Sweets and Mascara. Over that year, I learned that I needed to find my passion instead of dabbling between multiple topics and ideas. I thought I found that within travel blogging. Boy was I not even close. As much as I love blogging about travel and traveling itself, I decided the one thing I am passionate about is sharing what I do in my life and all that fun stuff.

Kayak Review: Flight finder

Hello all again. I know I haven't posted much since my relaunch and I apologize. I have been planning my trips to Atlanta and Walt Disney World. I am also in the beginning stages of planning my trip to San Diego. To be honest I am waiting to take these trips in order to have content. Good news though, I will have a ton of content after next month. I go to Atlanta in October. You will be hearing from me a lot more often that means. :) However, I recently booked my flight to Orlando and wanted to share how I found the cheapest flight. I went through the flight finder called Kayak.

Planning a Trip: Part 1

People are always looking to go on a vacation, they want to escape work, personal problems, or just go somewhere to relax and have no responsibilities. Some people look to go away to celebrate something, like a birthday, a wedding, or an engagement. There are many different reasons for traveling, so once you find yours it is time to plan a trip. Planning is probably the hardest part when going on vacation. There are so many steps and things you need to think about and setup. Today we are going to talk about deciding where to go. Here is Planning a Trip: Part 1.