About Me


So you wanted to know a little bit more about me, well you’re in luck cause I just may as well share. My name is Jordan, and I am the wonderful age of 22. I reside in Southern California where I go to school in pursuit of a Broadcast Journalism degree. I am currently on the pathway to graduate in one year. I work my butt off working two jobs while managing to go to school and let me tell you it is hard work.
My passion is to write and that is where this blog comes in handy. I am constantly writing about my life and every little thing that happens in it. I go on crazy adventures with my friends by traveling even if it is just up to the city of angels. I am always doing things to liven up my life because I constantly need something new and different. I am just learning who I am and living the age of 22 the only way I know how, by going out and drinking.
I am a coffee addict like all of the other college students in America. It allows me to run through my day without tiring down. I am also in love with makeup, hair, fashion, and everything in between. Traveling is my absolute passion, especially if it involves Vegas. I am a real Vegas addict and could go every day for the rest of my life if possible.
Through travel and my love of trying new food places, I became inspired to create this blog. After starting off with a lifestyle, fashion, beauty blog called Sweets and Mascara (you can still find it at sweetsandmascara.com), I decided that my passion is truly traveling. I enjoy writing about travel and food more than anything else. 
I aim to travel at least once a year, but it often happens more than that. I want to be able to document my adventures, my passion, my love, and my thrill seeking ways for the world. I want to be able to share all of my cool experiences in hopes of helping someone else plan their own.
My life is a mystery, even to me, so if you think I have a clue what will happen next, then I definitely don’t. I am just as surprised by what happens next as the outsider looking in, so welcome to the ride I hope you enjoy it with me.

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